When will I receive the Event Link?

The event link and password will be emailed out to you and your contact list on Monday, September 13th. THEY WILL NOT GO LIVE UNTIL 45 Minutes prior to your hosting time. We suggest you log on early to get things set up. There will be music, slides and a count-down clock during this time.

Can I share the link out to my group to watch in their home if they are not able to attend the live event?

No, you are not able to share the event link. Your link will be configured to work at only one location. If individuals would like to watch at a different time, they must purchase their own license.

Will I be able to test for the event?

Yes, we will have a testing schedule set up starting a month prior to the event. You can check the schedule on the Host Site Page. We cannot stress enough the need to test on all equipment in the location that the simulcast will occur. All streaming technologies and platforms are different. (i.e. you may be able to play a YouTube Video, but that does not mean the simulcast will buffer and stream smoothly).

If you do not test, we cannot ensure that your event will be a success. We suggest that you choose an early date to test in case there are any updates or changes that need to be made.

Please ensure prior to testing that all your hardware and software are updated to the latest versions.

What should our download speed be in order to show the event?

The “download speed” number is the one that is important for your broadcast capability. Your network connection should sustain a download speed of 20 Mbps or greater.

To check your actual download speeds, please visit Click BEGIN TEST and will AUTOMATICALLY test your speed and give you an accurate indication of your capacity.

Can I use a wireless connection?

Your church, your audience, you... have a lot of devices, and they all want internet... ALL THE TIME! It is highly recommended that only one computer be accessing the network during the broadcast, and that you have a dedicated internet connection for the computer you are using to download the stream.

What should my video resolution be?

Check your video projector resolution to ensure that it matches your computer resolution. In full screen mode on your computer, you should see full screen with your projector. It is recommended after connecting your computer to the projector that you power on the computer first then the projector for auto detecting resolution.

Do not have any other applications running on your computer simultaneously such as virus scanning, updates, or backup software.

We will be streaming your event at the highest possible quality, but it is very important for you to know that the quality you receive is very dependent on your internet connection and the projection capability of your venue. We are unable to know what your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is capable of delivering to you or what type of system your venue is running. However, we can offer you some guidelines and tips to help you receive the highest quality possible.

What Browser should I use?

in:ciite Events recommends using Google Chrome as your internet browser for hosting simulcast event.

If you are using a Mac OS operating system, Firefox is also recommended

; however, we strongly suggest you install Google Chrome as well and run tests with both browsers. Keep both on your computer until the event; it’s recommended to have one as a back-up browser.

If you are using Window 10, we recommend Edge as you internet browser; however, we strongly suggest you install Google Chrome as well and run tests with both browsers. Keep both on your computer until the event; it’s recommended to have one as a back-up browser.

How long will I have access to the content?

You will have access on the live event date of September 16th and 17th, plus access for an additional 30 days if you are not able to watch or host on the live event date. You will also be able to access the content multiple times if you would like to watch a session again.

What if I miss a session can I rewind and watch it again?

The technology has built in DVR which means you when you login to the event you can rewind to the beginning.

What time is the event in my time zone:

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM CT, but the technology has a built in DVR so if you need to start the event later due to your time zone, once you login, you can rewind to the beginning.

Will the simulcast have the same content as the live event in Nashville?

With limited capacity onsite, the majority of the attendees will be online. Because of this, we are shaping the event with an online-first thought process. All speakers will be included in both the online and onsite experiences. In addition, when appropriate, we will broadcast exclusive live content just for the online audience, including table discussion times and more.

If I have any questions or issues during the test or the live event, who do I contact?

in:ciite Events

Chat –

Phone – 888-235-7948

Text – 888-235-7948

Email –